1. Live-in vehicles poke out of the woods at Chyan Farm, four miles outside Falmouth, Cornwall. A section of the land is used for growing organic produce and the other half designated for Traveller’s.
    Sunlight shines through a window as Chris sits alone one morning smoking a cigarette in his live-in vehicle. Chris is in the midst of renovating his van, making it more personal and comfortable.

    Over the past couple years Aaron has been photographing different elements of alternative living. He has mostly focussed his time around individuals and families located in and around the Falmouth, Cornwall area. However, Aaron’s discovery of alternative living has shifted and he is now concentrating his time on photographing communities, particularly Chyan Farms, where half of the land is a designated Traveller’s site and the other half is used to grow organic orchards and vegetables gardens as well as education and various annual events. 

    One of Aaron’s key interests in the documentation of Chyan Farms is not only to show the romantic and rewarding side of this lifestyle but also to show to the hardships and dedication it takes to live in this way.

    Check out Aaron’s WEBSITE

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    Great photographs by my fellow course mate, Aaron Harcourt. Look forward to seeing more of these!
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